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Why do I need toreplace my old LPG fired boiler

An old boiler can cause you trouble that you don’t even know. You must have proper maintenance for your boilers or replace them every five years.

Saves energy bills:

A great aid from your energy supplier is the affordable warmth obligation. You must be able to get help from your energy supplier. The aid is concerning energy-saving improvements to your home. It does not matter whether you live in your own individual home or you have an apartment at rent. The thing that matters is how you can improve energy-saving in your house. You can also claim certain benefits from your energy supplier.
To avoid the breakdown:
ECO Grants for LPG Fired Boiler:
LPG Boiler Service:

Replacing Old Boiler with LPG Combi Boiler Benefits

  • It will increase the efficiency of your heating system by up to 98%.
  • There will be a noticeable reduction in your energy bills.
  • LPG boiler will help to increase the warmth of your home.
  • Pension Guarantee Credit. You won’t be suitable if you only claim Pension Savings Credit
  • Qualified OFTEC engineers will do the installation of the new boiler.
  • You can have two years of warranty for the new LPG combi boiler.

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